Conscious Cannabis Circle

Location: 422 Richards St #200, V6B 2Z4
Date: Tuesday September 12, 2023. 6:30pm-9:00pm
Gathering Groups is excited to host a Conscious Cannabis Circle which is based on the profound insights from Daniel McQueen’s research on Psychedelic Cannabis. Conscious Cannabis Circles are group psychedelic experiences using guided meditation, music, and the potency of psychedelic cannabis. Learn how to use a legally available psychedelic for healing, transformation, and personal journeywork.

Guided by experienced facilitators, delve into the therapeutic effects of cannabis, promoting relaxation, stress reduction, and heightened self-awareness. Embrace mindful integration and intention setting for a conscious journey. In our inclusive community, all are welcome to thrive and explore the healing potential of Psychedelic Cannabis.

Using guided meditation, body relaxation, sound healing, and intentional cannabis use, this experiential event can be deeply sacred and will allow you to experience the psychedelic effects of Cannabis.

What to bring:

1) A yoga mat

2) Eyeshades


Cannabis will be provided for all in attendance.
Be prepared for intention setting in small groups.
Reserve your spot now and embark on this enlightening healing journey!

You will be emailed an intake form once you register. This is required prior to attendance in order to join this event.

We are honoured to host you for this experiential healing event!


Thank you to All-Nations for providing the cannabis and flowers for this event. Led by an Indigenous collective on Stó:lō Traditional Territory in British Columbia, Canada, All Nations weaves traditional Indigenous values with industry leading cultivation methods to craft the highest quality of cannabis.

Thank you to our venue sponsor, Conscious Labs, a uniquely beautiful, historic space in downtown Vancouver where you can host expansive events, bring community together, and light up the world with your magic.
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Introduction to Gathering Group's Community-Based Healing Model

Location: Online
Date: Multiple Dates Available
What it is

Gathering is a 12-week online community of practice that brings together a group of 6-8 people with the shared purpose of connection, resilience and personal growth. We use a unique blend of embodied practice and plant medicine to re-connect us to our inner selves and the community, just the way nature intended.

We are hosting 30-minute information sessions every month for those who are interested in our Community-Based Healing Model, have questions, or simply want to begin the process!

What to Expect

In a Gathering Group, participants will develop skills and strategies to help access inner-wisdom, providing the possibility to expand their windows of tolerance for challenging emotions and experiences.

About our Group Model

This group work model is based on research by Dr. Stephen Porges, (Polyvagal theory), which reveals that the most effective way for social creatures like us to regulate our nervous systems is to be in small groups with shared intentions of safety and non-judgement. This research is also confirmed by Dr. Darcia Narvaez and her "Evolved Nest" concept of how-to re-attach adults through close connected groups. This feeling of belonging and connection regulates your nervous system which allows for healing and growth.
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Information Session: Healing With Psychedelics For First Responders

Location: Online
Date: Monday August 21, 2023. 8:00pm - 9:00pm
First Responders, Depression, Anxiety and Trauma

First Responders face a unique set of challenges which may impact mental health. If you are suffering from depression, anxiety or PTSD, you are not alone. Studies show that the rates for these conditions are up to five times higher in Canada's community of First Responders than in the general population.

Psilocybin Therapy

Psilocybin is often known as “magic mushrooms”. Consuming psilocybin may induce hallucinations and out-of-body experiences. Psilocybin therapy involves consuming these “magic mushrooms” in a supervised, controlled, therapeutic environment for the purpose of healing from conditions such as depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Health Canada Special Access Program

Although Psilocybin Therapy is not yet legal for the general public, Health Canada now grants case-by-case exemptions through its Special Access Program for people with clinical diagnoses of depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Gathering Groups’ Community-based Healing Model

Gathering Groups provides a 12-week virtual model of preparation, intention setting, plant medicine healing, and integration in small groups that includes a one-day psilocybin-based medicine session. These gatherings are designed to bring a sense of comfort, connection, and self-inquiry to the front of the mind, which encourages healing.

This exclusive First Responders group will be overseen by Dr. Reg Peters, an esteemed trauma physician with expertise in psychedelics, to ensure the utmost care and guidance throughout the journey.

Confidentiality and Commitment

The Special Access Program (SAP) under Health Canada adheres to strict ethical and legal standards. Confidentiality is paramount, ensuring your privacy and peace of mind throughout the program.

Your participation in the program is voluntary, and you may withdraw at any time without repercussions. We deeply respect the importance of your role as a First Responder, and we aim to make this program as accessible and accommodating as possible to your commitments.

By participating in this life-changing program, you will be contributing to the advancement of mental health research and helping pave the way for a more comprehensive approach to mental well-being for First Responders nationwide.

Information and Application

Please join us at our special online Information Session on Monday, August 21st at 8:00PM PT by registering to this event.

Our team of doctors, therapists, advocates and First Responder Representatives are eager to provide you with additional information and support your decision-making process. We wholeheartedly believe that together, we can make a significant difference in addressing mental health challenges faced by First Responders.
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