Introduction to Gathering's 
Transformational Group Model

What it is

Gathering’s transformational group model is delivered as a two night in-person sacred plant retreat, supported by a twelve-week online protocol of education, preparation and integration.

Our model, uniquely incorporating western, science-backed theories while rooted in Indigenous and land-based teachings, is designed to support and maximize connection, resilience and personal growth.

Gathering Groups are extended medical eligible.

We are hosting thirty-minute information sessions every month for those who are interested in our Community-Based Healing Model, have questions, or simply want to begin the process.

What To Expect

In a Gathering Group, participants will develop skills and strategies to help access inner-wisdom, providing the possibility to expand their windows of tolerance for challenging emotions and experiences.

About our Group Model

This group work model is based on research by Dr. Stephen Porges, (Polyvagal theory), which reveals that the most effective way for social creatures like us to regulate our nervous systems is to be in small groups with shared intentions of safety and non-judgement. This research is also confirmed by Dr. Darcia Narvaez and her "Evolved Nest" concept of how-to re-attach adults through close connected groups. This feeling of belonging and connection regulates your nervous system which allows for healing and growth.

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