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At Gathering Groups, we do all we can to provide spaces for our community to feel supported and safe, in order to maximize healing and well-being.

During the Gathering process, many internal shifts are expected, some of which may open up new pathways that require additional support. We are pleased to provide Integration Support with our facilitation team at a range of price offerings, so you know you are receiving quality support by trained professionals who understand plant medicine, at a rate you can afford.
Nathan Larsen, he/him
Masters of Social Work

Nathan is a dedicated group work facilitator with 14 years of experience in roles such as educational assistant, outreach worker, and restorative justice facilitator. Holding a 2020 Social Work degree, Nathan values collaboration, empathy, and understanding. His journey of self-discovery aligns with his passion for guiding individuals toward personal growth and healing. Nathan creates safe spaces for exploration, fostering openness and authenticity. He believes in the transformative power of genuine connection and is committed to supporting others on their unique paths of development.

Rate: $45 / Hour

How to Book: Email Nathan Here

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Laura Anctil, she/her
MA, CLBD, Reiki Master & Ritual Practitioner

Laura specializes in companioning people through embodied, altered-state journeys. Her holistic approach to journey-work centres your self-directed process. Laura offers preparation and integration sessions that can help you discover intentions before your journey and make sense of your experiences afterwards. 

Her training includes:

  • Trauma-informed facilitation
  • Labour & birth support
  • Sacred grief & death support
  • Reiki Master & Instructor training
  • Ritual Practitioner Training
  • Jungian Somatics
  • Somatic Abolitionism
  • Restorative Justice
  • Cultural, Social & Political Thought MA (UVic).

Laura’s deepest learnings have come from motherhood & miscarriage, embodied energy work, and companioning birth, death, & altered-state journeys.

It is her greatest honour to witness your process and protect your space as you journey towards self-realization. 

Rate: $100/hour (sliding scale available)

How to Book: Book here (select “Pathweaver’s Session”)

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Dana Harvey
Psychedelics and Microdosing Educator and Facilitator, Founder of The Flourish Academy

Dana Harvey is a Psychedelics and Microdosing Educator and Facilitator with a special interest in Microdosing. She has training in Microdosing coaching, Somatic Plant Medicine Integration, Breath work, Interpersonal Communications, and Mindfulness. Dana is particularly passionate about introducing people to the practice of Microdosing for Transformation in support of their large dose journeys (preparation and integration).

Rate: Individual support and group programs available. Rates range depending on the program or offer.

How to Book: Book your complimentary discovery call here

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Sarah Helten

Sarah describes herself as a Healing HeArts practitioner full time. Practicing Psychic reiki, Facilitating Meditation circles, Conscious Personal Training, Meditative Art classes, Self Empowerment Mentorship, and providing support in various plant medicine circles.

She works as a Post Partum and pregnancy loss Doula to support Mothers, and their families transition into a village minded unit during this precious time.

Sarah is passionate about bringing ceremony, sisterhood, and healing in cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual modalities. She has a background in Personal Training, CBT/DBT, anxiety/ depression skills group therapy and uses these skills with her ongoing spiritual practices to embrace the wholeness of being both human, and divine.

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