Gathering Groups is honoured to be partnering with Therapsil in what may be the world's largest and most innovative psilocybin clinical trial and research data repository, right here in Canada.

This large-scale trial, pending approval from Health Canada, will uniquely study the effects of psilocybin in a group program and, for the first time in history, will not necessitate any diagnosed mental health condition. This trial focuses on measuring improvements of general well-being.

We are hopeful that the trial results will usher in a new era of affordable and accessible psilocybin therapy conducted in a group structure for all those who seek healing, growth and preventative mental health care.

About the Clinical Research

Gathering Groups is currently working on approval for a pilot study examining the impact of Psilocybin for assisted group therapy. This Clinical trial has been designed to include those who are looking to improve their overall wellbeing, not just their diagnosed mental health conditions. We understand wellness to be multifactorial and multifaceted and this approach better reflects the potential of these medicines. Focusing on wellness will not only help to drastically increase access, but it will also massively expand the potential for novel research and development.

The trial is set to take place in Abbotsford, BC. The treatment will be done in groups of twelve, with four healthcare professionals leading each journey.

Our hope is to discover how the Gathering Group protocol will improve patient outcomes and experience while providing a grounds for future development of Gathering protocols to develop outside of the study.

About the Study Population

Gathering Groups seats are not limited to first responders; rather, we are choosing to dedicate our seats to first responders in appreciation for their critical roles in keeping Canadians safe and in recognition of the immense burdens they carry on behalf of us all.

As we are not restricted to first responders, we welcome retired first responders as well as family members of first responders.

Participants may or may not have any clinical diagnoses. This inclusive approach will help to normalize the program and reduce any stigma that may be attached to “needing” the program for a mental health condition.

Our study population has been left broad so that together TheraPsil and Gathering Groups can make Psilocybin accessible to those who are currently using it, and Canadians who wish to get well.

While the study is open to most Canadians, we will be working with clients most in need of treatment as this study is both for access and scientific inquiry.

We are asking that Canadians Join us in our mission to make psilocybin more available to Canadians. Canadians who feel called to help can donate to our clinical trial. Funds go directly to creating a medical framework for psilocybin treatment here in Canada. 

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