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"I believe we heal and grow best when we are connected to a small group of people where we can be accepted fully, and feel seen and known. Throughout all of my different jobs I have been fascinated with resiliency - with how people find hope in the midst of suffering. My time as an ordained minister and pastor helped me learn how to sit with people who were suffering, rather than try to fix them. My time as a Philosophy and Religion professor taught me to ask the deepest questions: the questions of purpose, meaning, longing, and that which some call God, or Source, or Divine Love.

Recently I am resonating with what author Susan Cain calls the Bittersweet. In an interview with Tim Ferris, she says: "Bittersweetness, itself, I define as the state in which you know, you accept, and you truly inhabit the idea that life is always simultaneously joy and sorrow. It’s light and dark. There’s an amazing Arabic expression, “Days of honey, days of onions.”

Over the last 15 years I have been taught by some of the most resilient people I have ever met. The rural communities of Ethiopia are filled with people who, despite overwhelming challenges such as a 6-hour daily walk to find water for their family, still manage to find a way to experience joy, contentment and connection. That feeling, that despite the bitter you can still experience the sweet because you are connected to a small community of people that allow you to feel held, seen, and known, this is the key. I designed this course as a tool to help all of us build this kind of resilience."
"I come to this work as an elementary school teacher for the past 25 years learning to teach children how to regulate together so that the classroom is a safe space for children to thrive.....I am a counsellor and trained in group work.

I’m also a doula and life coach. A doula is an ancient greek word for a "female who comes alongside and offers emotional and physical comfort for a mother before, during, and after the birth of a child". Although I am not currently practicing as a doula I am realizing that my work as a group facilitator requires the same spiritual skills. Holding space with groups of people while we all simultaneously work on our own resilience is like being a doula. The privilege of offering emotional, and sometimes physical support is at the heart of what a skilled facilitator does. Creating a safe nurturing space for connection and growth is at the heart of what I love to do.
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