Become a part of Gathering to help others find
true peace & happiness within themselves.

Why become a Facilitator?

Connection with Like-Minded People
Safety by doing medicine work in connection with others
Coverage under Gathering’s insurance
Ongoing access to high-level training in group development and space holding
Marketing, onboarding, assessment, and screening (psychological and medical) is done by Gathering’s team of professionals
Connected to an ongoing clinical study tracking group work and plant medicine
Regular supervision and feedback provided for facilitators
Monetary compensation

What We Like to see from our Facilitators

Presents with vulnerability, heart-openness, compassion, flexibility, inclusivity
Creates and maintains a container of safety and openness
Demonstrates the ability to provide embodied listening in response to others
Collaborates well with others
Demonstrates effective communication and interpersonal skills
Articulates the principles of a trauma-informed community of practice


Completed a Gathering Group as a participant
Completed level 1 Gathering Group Facilitator training course
A cover letter explaining:
  - Why you want to be a Gathering facilitator
  - Demonstration of a growth mindset (their own growth journey, specific growth in the area        of leadership)
   - Reference provided from someone who can verify your readiness to be a facilitator
   - List experience leading teams, groups, etc.
   - A brief explanation of learnings from their own therapeutic medicine journeys
Participate in an interview with our clinical lead
Criminal record check

We are not currently accepting applications

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